Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Start Small

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Want to start small?

I've read and thought quite a bit about immigration, but I will admit that the less-than-35-minutes it took me to listen to this lecture rearranged some of my mental furniture. Mental furniture that left creases in the carpet it had been there so long.

Books can take a little bit of commitment to get through, so feel free to start slowly by doing some listening.

Details: Dr. M. Daniel Carroll R. (a half Guatemalan Old Testament professor) gives a two part lecture titled "Thinking Christianly About Immigration" at Denver Seminary.

Where: Go here: and scroll down to October 4th and 5th. Both are highly worth a listen. The first was my favorite and deals with immigration narratives in the Bible (and a Christian approach to immigration in general). The second part (October 5th) deals more specifically with the law. Both are under 35 minutes.

It will be an hour well spent. You can stream them online (and listen to them at your computer at work if you have one of those kinds of jobs) or download them (and listen to them while you drive to work or wash dishes at home). 

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